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Past Events by ASU-SEA

The first workshop was conducted by the then director of ASU-SEA, Dr Michael Wong. It was held in collaboration with Indonesia Urological Association (IUA) at the pre-congress of the 38th Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesia Urological Association (ASMIUA). Dr Henry Ho (Singapore), Dr Bannakij Lojanapiwa (Thailand) and Dr Nur Rasyid (Indonesia) were also present as speakers and trainers for with workshop. The programme of the 1-day workshop was designed by Dr Wong together with the scientific committee of 38th ASMIUA with topics surrounding PCNL, URS and minimally invasive treatment in BPH.

1. See the Future of Endourology Now! - Bali, Indonesia (2015)


Dr Bannakit teaching the participants how to perform PCNL

TURis lecture by Dr Henry Ho

The second workshop was held in Yangon supported by No. 2 Military Hospital, Department of Urology at the pre-congress of the 2nd Endoscopic Surgical Society (ESS).  The speakers and trainers present were Dr Michael Wong, Dr Tan Yung Khan (Singapore) and Dr Png Keng Siang (Singapore).

2. Endourology Workshop - Yangon, Myanmar (2015)


Dr Wong giving a lecture on the benefits of supine and prone position for PCNL


Dr Wong teaching the doctors right after his lecture to further enhance the training programme

In conjunction with the 27th World Congress of Video Urology and Thailand Urology Congress 2016, the 3rd workshop was conducted in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As requested by the local faculty, this workshop theme is mainly focused on upper tract stone diseases and management. Dr Mahesh Desai (India) and Dr Arthur Smith (USA) joined Dr Michael Wong in workshop theme “How to” which focused on upper tract stone diseases. The course allowed participants to understand the techniques of different approaches to tackling stones by percutaneous nephrolithotripsy with fluoroscopy versus ultrasound and retrograde intra-renal surgery using flexible ureteroscopy. Basic introduction of the instrumentation for the various techniques was covered as well.

3. "How To" Workshop, Endourology - Chiang Mai, Thailand (2016)


Dr Mahesh Desai touching on the basics of PCNL


Dr Michael Wong showing the participants how he uses the URF

2. Yangon
3. ChiangMai
4. Singapore

4. "How To" Workshop, Endourology - Singapore (2016)

At the 14th Urological Association of Asia Congress 2016, we held our 4th ASU workshop in Singapore. One of the most interesting lectures was by Dr Olivier Traxer (France) which he gave a concise summary of how to deal with ureteral stones and the European Urological Association (EAU) 2016 guidelines on treatment of these stones.


Dr Olivier speaking on complication in RIRS


Dr Mahesh Desai having an interactive session with participants

5. Colombo

The 5th workshop organized by the Asian School of Urology (South-East Asia) was held in Sri Lanka, Colombo. It was facilitated by the The Sri Lanka Association of Urological Surgeons (SLAUS). Dr Wong tailored the program according to the Sri Lanka market to be more applicable to them. A highlight of the workshop was the hands-on station by Professor Andreas Gross and Professor Colin Teo. The participants were split into two groups based on skill level. In the advanced station, participants had the opportunity to correct their techniques and ask Prof Gross how to overcome the problems they current face while doing this surgery. As for the beginner station, Professor Teo taught them basic functions of how to position and hold the scopes. Additionally, going into detail what instruments are needed in different scenarios.

5. ASU Endourology Workshop - Colombo, Sri Lanka (2017)


Hands-on Station headed by Professor Andreas Gross


Professor Colin Teo giving his lecture on Updates in Medical Therapy


Professor Colin Teo teaching showing the techniques of RIRS


A collaboration between ASU and SLAUS committee

6. Yangon

The last workshop of 2017 was held in Yangon Speciality Hospital and was a pre-congress workshop held before their 3rd Myanmar Nephro Uro Conference (MNUC). The speakers present were Dr Michael Wong, Professor Andreas Gross and Dr Tiong Ho Yee. Topics varied from Renal Transplant to BPH to RIRS procedures. There were approximately a total of 55 participants who attended the session. The current procedure trend now in Myanmar is on Laparoscopic Renal Transplant, thus both the pre-congress and main plenary sessions focused much attention on this topic. For this section, Prof Tiong Ho Yee shared on the donor nephrectomy surgical options such as Open VS Minimally Invasive with the pros and cons for both. He also shared why Minimally Invasive Donor Nephrectomy should be and is the standard of care and Myanmar must continually improve with the herd so as to be able to provide this solution readily to their patients. For BPH, Dr Michael Wong shared on the advantages towards Bipolar resection comparatively with Monopolar Resection and Greenlight Laser. Many of the participants were interested in knowing more about this topic as the Myanmar market is still predominantly a monopolar market for TURP. The discussion also touched on how the advantages outweighs the cost of saline for this procedure and ultimately, reducing cost for the patients.

6. ASU Pre-Congress Workshop - Yangon, Myanmar (2017)


Participants at the 6th ASU Workshop in Yangon


Dr Michael Wong giving a talk on bipolar TURP


Prof Tiong Ho Yee speaking on laparoscopic donor nephrectomy


Interactive Q&A session with the participants

7. Surabaya

7. Laparoscopic and Endourology Workshop and Symposium - Surabaya, Indonesia (2018)

In 2018, the 7th workshop organized by the Asian School of Urology (South-East Asia) was held in Surabaya, Indonesia. It was conducted as a pre-congress workshop of the 35th Fiesta Urologi and facilitated by the committee of Urologi Fiesta. The workshop was centred on basics of laparoscopic surgery. The programme had an array of topics ranged from principles of laparoscopic surgery to pitfalls in laparoscopic surgery to discussions if the robotics technology that can help to improve skill level of junior doctors.


Dr Tiong Ho Yee sharing his tips and tricks to shorten the learning curve for a simple Nephrectomy


Dr Henry Ho on how he handles complications in his laparoscopic cases

8. Singapore

8. SGH 30th Anniversary Workshop - Singapore (2018)

The 8th workshop was held as part of a series of workshops for Singapore General Hospital, Department of Urology’s 30th Anniversary Colloquium. Jointly organized by SingHealth Duke – NUS Institute of Medical Simulation (SIMS) and supported by Asian School of Urology, the Endourology Symposium gathered both international and local faculty to share their expertise and demonstrate advances in diagnosis and intervention in urology conditions.


9. 1st ELSA-ASU Outreach Urology Workshop - Nepal, Kathmandu (2018)

This 9th workshop is the first collaboration between Asian School of Urology (South-East Asia), ELSA and Nepal Association of Urological Surgeons (NAUS) and was held in Kathmandu. The workshop program was mainly focusing on laparoscopic procedure and was staged to be in a discussion setting. The program also encompassed a hands-on workshop for the residents.

The participants for the workshop were mainly residents and it was headed by Dr Tiong Ho Yee and Dr Rakesh Gupta who shared tips and tricks to be more efficient in completing the skill tasks and how it is can enhance their surgical skills. We had a total of 6 stations for 18 participants the complete the Dry Lab Fundamentals in Laparoscopy Skills Tasks hands-on session. For each station participants need to complete a range of laparoscopy tasks which is similar to the European training in basic laparoscopic urological skills (E-BLUS) standards of testing.


Dr Tiong Ho Yee explaining the objectives of the skills tasks


Participants at the hands-on laparoscopic session


6 laparoscopic hands-on stations with 18 participants


Participant attempting the needle guidance skill task


A collaboration between ELSA, NAUS and ASU

Virtual 2020

The 1st ASU Surgical Webinar took place on the 26th September 2020. 

10. 1st ASU Surgical Webinar, Virtual (2020)


Dr Michael Wong introducing the distinguished speakers.


Panel Discussion

Webinar 2

11. 2nd ASU Surgical Webinar, Virtual (2021)

The 2nd ASU Surgical Webinar took place on 23rd January 2021. The theme for this session was Demystifying MIST for BPH.

Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 2.29.47 PM.png

Panel discussion and QnA round.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-02 at 8.14.01 AM.

Panel Discussion



12. The Efficient Bladder Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment with NBI, Virtual (2021)

The Efficient Bladder Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment with NBI Webinar took place on 6 November 2021. 

This live webinar was chaired by Dr C Mallikarjuna from Asian Institute of Nephrology & Urology (AINU) and Dr Ravindra Sabnis from Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital and featured presentations by Dr Bumjin Lim from University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Dr Nguyen Ngoc Chau from Binhdan Hospital and Dr Jeremy Teoh from CUHK Urology.

13. Thulium Fiber Laser - Procedure Changing Technology, Virtual (2022)

Thulium Fiber Laser - Procedure Changing Technology Webinar took place on 29 January 2022. 

The live webinar was chaired by Dr Lie Kwok Ying from the Advanced Urology Singapore and featured presentations by Dr Chua Wei Jin from the National University of Singapore, Dr Wayne Lam from the Queen Mary Hospital, The University of Hong Kong & Dr Peter Sutherland from the St Andrews Hospital Australia.

14. New BPH Technology, Virtual (2023)

15. SOLEP: How I Do It, Virtual (2023)

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