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The Asian School of Urology (South East Asia Section) is the educational arm of the Urological Association of Asia (UAA). The ASU has been around the South East Asia region preaching the advances of urological surgery. The interactive workshops were established in 2015 and often focused on classroom style discussions where the participants are able to ask questions at any given time. This allows for better learning and knowledge transfer between the trainers and participants. 


With Covid-19 changing the way meetings are conducted, we are now moving our workshops online. The ASU is committed to its primary purpose which is education.  We are inviting registrations for our two upcoming workshops.

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*Please note that programme is subject to change and will be updated continuously up to webinar.

I would like to attend:
  • I am a healthcare professional. 

  • The Organisers cannot accept liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any speaker in the webinar or in any material provided to attendees. I waive any claim I may have against the organisers or representatives for reliance on any information presented during these educational activities.

  • Recording of the webinar are strictly prohibited. I agree not to record, digitise or circulate in any form, any parts of the presentation. The organisers reserve the right, in its sole discretion to investigate any compliant and take remedial actions against the offender.

  • I am solely responsible for my interaction with other delegates and agree to act responsibly and exercise caution, common sense and safety while in attendance in the webinar.

  • I grant permission to the organisers to contact me relating to the webinar or any other future events organised by them.

Thank you for your registration!

The webinar link will send to your registered email closer to date.