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About Asian School of Urology

The Asian School of Urology led by newly appointed Deputy Director Dr Tiong Ho Yee under the guidance of ex-deputy director and mentor, Dr Michael Wong, is the educational arm of the Urological Association of Asia (UAA). The ASU has been around the South East Asia region preaching the advances of urological surgery. The interactive workshops were established in 2015 and often focused on classroom style discussions where the participants are able to ask questions at any given time. This allows for better learning and knowledge transfer between the trainers and participants. Each workshop has about 20-30 participants on average. 


With Covid-19 changing the way meetings are conducted, we are now moving our workshops online. The ASU is committed to its primary purpose which is education. With this new website and our upcoming webinars, we will continue to provide a platform for education and engagement for our urology colleagues in the region.

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